Mouse Atlas Project 2.0 Overview

Fractional anisotropy in the C57BL/6J mouse brainThe goal of the Mouse Atlas Project 2.0 (MAP2.0) is to empower research on mouse neurophysiology by developing a conveniently accessible and interoperable inventory of multimodal brain atlases.

The project will enable scientists to leverage the results of brain atlasing efforts in their investigations of gene function, connectomics, and detailed mouse neuroanatomy.

MAP2.0 seeks to gather multimodal image datatypes from a large collection of C57BL/6J mouse brains, including: MRI, DTI, blockface, histochemical, and tract-tracing. Each set of brain data will be co-registered into a common atlas framework with detailed labeling of anatomical structures.

MAP2.0 will interoperate with commonly used publicly available databases to bring together brain architecture, gene expression, and imaging information into a single, simple interface.

Our ongoing partnership with the Brain Architecture Center has led to the development of a robust and flexible nomenclature and anatomical ontology for MAP2.0. This collaboration extends both Mouse Atlas Project and the Brain Architecture Management System.

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