Brain Architecture Management System (BAMS)

The Brain Architecture Management System (BAMS) can be used for information pertaining to brain structures collated from literature, evaluation of the neuroscientific data characteristic of a given structure and relating brain cell groups defined in different parcellation schemes within or across different species. The knowledge base of BAMS is designed to allow online insertion, processing, and retrieval of neuroscientific information characteristic of different levels of organization of the mammalian central nervous system: from functional networks of brain structures, to cytoarchitecture and connectivity patterns of different brain nuclei, to distributions of neurotransmitters and receptors.

BAMS contains a set of inference engines for relating neuroanatomical atlases and brain hierarchies proposed by different researchers, for evaluation of neuroanatomical connections found in a specific parcellation scheme, for translation of morphological cell types, and of connections in different brain atlases in the same species, and for evaluation of the neural homologies of brain structures from different species by taking into account a set of similarity criteria.


The system currently contains more than 1000 reports related to brain structures in mouse and human. Text queries can be conducted on three criteria: