Mutant Mouse Regional Resource Centers


The MMRRC program is sponsored by the National Center for Research Resources (NCRR) at the National Institutes of Health (NIH). The purpose of the program is to ensure the continued availability of scientifically valuable, genetically engineered mice and to distribute these mice to qualified researchers studying human and animal biology and disease. A national network of regional breeding and distribution centers serves as NIH’s premier repository of spontaneous and induced mutant mouse lines.

The MMRRC facilities cryopreserve and distribute mouse strains with potential value in the research of human disease and biology. These strains will be available for distribution as live mice to qualified researchers. Mice are supplied either from a production colony or from a colony recovered from cryopreservation. At their option, an MMRRC facility may also offer cryopreserved material from some strains for resuscitation at the recipient scientist’s institution.

To request mice, cryopreserved material or ES cell lines from the MMRRC, please contact a Customer Service Representative at (800) 910-2291 (in USA or Canada) or (207) 288-6009 (international calls) or submit the on-line Strain Request Form. For information about BayGenomics ES cell gene trap clones or to search for clones, please see BayGenomics ES Cell Gene Trap Clones page. (Currently, the MMRRC can only distribute genetic materials to non-profit and academic institutions. If you are with a for-profit organization, please contact the MMRRC Customer Service to request assistance or for further information.)